About LaRue… Chapter 1

I was born to be a church administrator. I think it’s in my DNA.

As a child, I was always the coordinator; the leader. I was outgoing, quite assertive, the planner, the delegator, very much a thinker, and an avid reader (much to my chagrin, my mother loves to tell the story of her dismay when she and my stepfather bought me 10 novels for Christmas and I finished them all before the winter break was over). I challenged everything growing up, and thought everything through with painstaking detail – far beyond what was expected of me.  Rarely did I just accept what was told to me. I had to study it for myself; “what” was never good enough, I had to know why, when, who, how…

I didn’t know much about spiritual gifts, so I never really understood why God made me the way I was.  I just knew that I was different – and not necessarily in a good way.  I couldn’t relate to anyone, and always felt that no one could relate to me.  I was a leader – whether people wanted to be led or not. I was a perfectionist – to a fault. Rarely would a day go by that I didn’t spot a typo in a textbook, news broadcast, newspaper, book, or somewhere.  I always had ideas for how things could be better. Always frustrated by poor planning and disorganization.  “Winging it” never worked for me. Spontaneity wasn’t my thing. I tried with all my might to be different, to fit in with all the normal people.  It just never lasted longer than a few minutes because the administrator in me was always so unbearably uncomfortable when things weren’t done “right.”  So many personality characteristics, quirks, isms, issues, pet peeves… that alienated others from me and even me from myself.  But, once the Lord began to reveal to me my life’s assignment, it all began to make sense. I finally understood WHY I am the way I am.

Nowadays, I call those quirks and isms tools.  And as I continue on, day by day, I discover the use of each tool. And often, the scriptural base behind it. I can lead and instruct because I’m assertive. I can represent clients in writing because I’m attentive to detail. I can establish order because I hate disorder and chaos. I can perform budget and ministry planning because winging it isn’t in my DNA. It never ceases to amaze me when I come across a scripture that confirms WHY I’ve always felt the way I feel about a certain subject… or why I react to things or notice things or am burdened by things that don’t seem to even grab anyone else’s attention. It’s just so great to finally be at peace with who I am.

When I was about 15 years old, my then pastor told me half-jokingly, perhaps prophetically, that I would be the next church administrator. He was half right. Though I probably won’t ever be the administrator of that church, he indeed saw in me the gift of administration.

I am called with a mandate to establish and maintain order in the church of the Lord. As a consultant, I have helped build and establish churches for over ten years. My experience with helping pastors and churches execute their visions includes location planning, leadership training, ministry planning, budget planning, auxiliary development, curriculum development, grant writing, bylaws, articles of incorporation, obtaining tax exemption under Section 501(c)(3), and preparation of other legal documents, marketing and advertising, event planning, and developing policies and procedures for staff, leaders, clergy and lay members.

Over the past few months, the Lord has been stirring up something different in me. He has led me to study the book of Acts, where He is redirecting my focus toward His original blueprint for the church.  I am daily amazed – and perplexed – by how far today’s church is from His original design for the church… and worse, I’m disturbed because it appears that we are content to continue along that path that we are bound to by tradition, comfort, false teaching, wrong motives, and lack of knowledge.

I’m originally from New York, and currently enjoy life in Georgia and Alabama. When I’m not doing church administration, I’m doing corporate administration on my day job.  In my spare time, I enjoy… wait, spare time? HA!!!

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