Greetings! The Black Weblog Awards have been recognizing the best Black bloggers since 2005. This year, for the first time, the awards will be presented at a Live Awards Show in Los Angeles, California. Order in the Church! is eligible for nomination in several categories, and your support would mean the world to me! 

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I am seeking nomination in the following categories:

  • Best Faith-Based Blog
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I started OITC to get some things off my chest and clear up some “traffic” in my mind. As I’ve said before, I was once challenged to stop complaining about the church and DO SOMETHING about it. I didn’t know what somebody like me could do… until I realized that Order in the Church! is my way of “doing something.” This blog is my contribution to the cause. My goal is to share this exhortation with as many as I can to start conversation about this all over the country. The Lord’s Church simply does not reflect what He designed it to be, and it’s time we stop ignoring it and start fixing it. The Black Weblog Awards is one sure way to bring attention to the cause. If you believe in this message (or if you just like me :-)), please nominate OITC today.

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